Due to various projects for the automative industry we were able to gain a wide knowledge in the industrial screw assembly. We take over complete technological responsibility when we assemble an automated screw-fitting station: from the planning of the work sequences to the optimisation screw parameters to the installation of statistical functions. Our customers can rely on our experience with the assembly of screw-fitting stations. We take on the following tasks in these projects: planning of the technological process of the screwing procedure, project planning of the programming of the screwing tools of PLC and robots, parameterize and supervise screw-drivers, implement statisc software, develop and implement safety concepts. The Softwerk team plans and programs the screw-application in line with the complete engineering solution. Our technological responsibility starts with the construction of the screw-driver. We use systems by Atlas Copco, Bosch Rexroth or Stanley Controller.

Application of screwing systems: we install and progam the screwing tasks as a graphic operating surface by using the Bosch Rexroth BS350 operating system for screwing applications. Screwing systems by Atlas Copco contain all technological basics of a screwing application: from the planning of all work sequences to the optimization of rotation angle, torque and speed to documentation and statiscs. Via locally monitored POKA-YOKE controllers we can control Stanley screw-drivers in the automative assembly.

Robots in screw assembly: we have cooperated with TMS Transport- und Montage Systeme for many years. TMS realises screw-fitting stations and so-called marriage stations in the car assembly industry. At the beginning we implemented screw-fitting stations without robots, but in the meantime we appreciate the significantly higher flexibility of a robot solution, which pays in case of frequent change of models.

Screw connection of a front axle Screw connection of a front axle
A SIWAREX-weighing module links weighing cells directly to a S7-300 A SIWAREX-weighing module links weighing cells directly to a S7-300

Weighing and dosage

In gravel pits we use belt scales to control the materialflow; in the chemical industry we record resources and ingredients precisely to the exact gram with weighing cells and precision scales. Our technological competence in weighing and dosage also includes the connection between the weighing technology and the process control.

Belt scales in gravel pits: Using belt scales optimizes material flow in gravel pits. Crushers and screnning plants shall only get the material, which they can proceed. For this the weight of the material is assessed on the belt and the speed is adapted. The information resulting from this is also used to control the capacity of the aggregates.

Dosage and mixing
e.g. rough and fine material can be mixed in a specified ratio by using more conveyor belts for the material flow.

Statistics and reports
Our solutions enable the customer to automatically record, compress and mail all data to the headquarters. Also specifications for the production can be sent automatically.

Weighing containers for exact dosage
In the food industry e.g. bakeries weighing containers are used to weigh the ingredients according to the recipies (batch process). For the production of carbon brushes dosing stations are used to weigh the main components, especially copper powder.

In order to be able to trace the batches exactly it is necessary to be precise to the last gram. Minor components are weighed in special scales.

Connection of the scales to process control
Scales can directly be linked to a SIMATC-S7-controller via a SIWAREX-weighing module. The process control system provides special drivers for weighing terminals like IT9000 or precision scales by Eilersen.

Conveyor technology and intra logistics

We support many customers in the automation of their in-house production logistics. This includes automated control units, drives for conveyor technology and high-bay warehouses. Together with our partner Artschwager und Kohl we also offer complete solutions for in-house logistics including warehousing, order management and batch tracing. The automation of the following stations and processes are part of our tasks of the in-house logistics in a production plant: incoming goods, RHB-storage, material feed, final packaging, palletizing, storage of finished goods, order picking and dispatch.

As a specialist in control and drive engineering we also automate conveyor technology in production lines As a specialist in control and drive engineering we also automate conveyor technology in production lines
Our task in water supply of production plants include the prepartion of the process water and the regulation of the system pressure. Our task in water supply of production plants include the prepartion of the process water and the regulation of the system pressure.

Water purification and waste water treatment

Most industrial processes need water. In beverage production it goes directly into the product and therefore it has to be treated excellently. Softwerk takes care of the complete electric automation for the supply and purification of drinking water as well as the precleaning of waste water from production plants. The requested system pressure has to be built up and held in the supply lines: an important task for control engineering. Due to our technological experience in the field of water treatment we are often asked for advice: not only for electric automation technology but also for investment in the improvement of the whole plant. A further focus is the precleaning of waste water from dairies and breweries as well as treatment of waste water from industrial companies. In these cases we implement solutions for an automatic record of the cleaning processes according to the legal stipulations including the record and archiving of process data.

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