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Repairs of industrial electronics

We are specialized in repairing components for industrial electronics - whether old or new, from PLC repairs to the repair of frequency inverters, robot electronics, HMI, programming devices, power supplies and industrial PCs.

Softwerk places great emphasis on sustainability in conformity with our mission statement. We are of the opinion that existing systems should remain in use as long as possible or as economically sensible as possible. This avoids unnecessary and rapid investments and a waste of resources.
In order to be able to offer you the best possible repair service, we have been an official Austrian partner of the UNIS Group with its headquarters in the Netherlands since 1 June 2018. Since 1984, the UNIS Group has been specializing in the repair and sale of industrial electronics and enjoys an excellent reputation in this field. With over 41,000 repaired articles annually, the UNIS Group has developed into a global key player in this industry.
The electronic devices - from PLC to frequency converters, from HMI to robot electronics - are cleaned, repaired and tested according to strict quality standards (including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) and by expert personnel. The most modern measuring instruments and testing systems are used.


Our repair service Our repair service
In principle, we offer any repairs and maintenance of industrial electronics, in particular:
  • programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • frequency converters
  • soft starter
  • servo drives
  • CNC controllers
  • robot electronics
  • servomotors
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI): Operator, touch panels and screens
  • programming devices
  • power supplies
  • industrial PCs

In addition to the repair of new equipment, we also specialize in the repair of products for which the manufacturer no longer supports the repair: End-of-life electronics. Thus you can avoid expensive and unnecessary investments.

  • Repairs are carried out to the highest quality standards with the most modern testing equipment and measuring instruments and by expert technicians.
  • You receive up to 2 years warranty on repaired articles.
  • We work exclusively with flat rates - so you already know in advance what the repair will cost.
  • Was the repair not successful? No problem, costs are only incurred if the repair was successful.
  • Furthermore, we are specialized in preventive maintenance and replace time-critical components to avoid new defects or a total loss.
Do you need repair or maintenance for PLCs, frequency converters, HMIs or a component of the robot electronics?
Then simply request a repair using the following form. We will provide you with information on the costs and delivery times of the component.

Introduction of our repair partner: UNIS Group

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