Plant and machine safety

According to the norms of plant and machine safety we judge the risk, develop a safety concept and implement them with the control technology by Siemens or PILZ.

We have always attached importance to the safety of the operating personnel in our engineering projects. With the release of the new norms EN ISO 13849 and EN/IEC 62061 the prority of plant and machine safety has increased.

As in any automation task it is important to evaluate the current condition on-site. We also discuss customers‘ wishes which exceed the mere safety function. We can e.g. also visualize malfunction centrally in order to make it easier for the maintainer to find the error.

We draw up the complete workflow for the assessment of the potential hazard of a machine. The basic assessment of the risk is carried out according to EN ISO 12100. In a safety matrix we determine which part has to be switched off at what time. The project planning of the safety relevant control – including electrical designing and programming- is made according to the norms EN ISO 13849 and EN/IEC 62061. These norms have changed the criteria by which the performance level respectively the safety assessment of a plant is calculated. The quality of the components used plays an important role. If special safety products are used, even highly hazardous machines can be designed in a one-channel way.

The implementation of the requested machine and plant safety requires an intensive engagement with the regulations. We upgrade our knowledge regularly in order to support our customers in all current safety questions proficiently. Our specialists for plant and machine safety make use of the trainings offered by leading manufacturers several times a year.

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