Our mission statement

Our employees act in accordance with Softwerk’s mission statement. This consists of a vision, mission and the basic values of culture. It is our aim to achieve the best possible advantage for every stakeholder group.

Our vision

  • We are market-leaders in automation technology due to our clear structures and processes. Innovation assures sustainable success.

Our mission

The customer comes first

  • Softwerk plans and realizes automation projects and ensures their successful implementation. Hence, the individual requirements of our customers as well as our aspiration to develop ideal and sustainable solutions for them are in the centre of our attention.

The forward thinker in automation

  • Softwerk makes sure, that the worldwide customer‘s automation devices and plants run efficiently and error-free. In order to be able to realize this, we invest in our most important ressource – our staff. Continuous training in our academy allows our staff to keep their know-how up to date and to increase their motivation and enthusiasm. Additionally, we continuously watch the market and derive new chances. Hence, we are able to develop new products and services. Thus, the brand Softwerk is known as forward thinker and innovator in the target markets.

Sustainability is important for us

  • We work to defined processes and continuously adapt them to a changing organization so that we can guarantee sustainability. We strive to deal with ressources sparingly.

 Basic values of our culture

  • Softwerk employees actively stand up for good interpersonal dealings and cooperation and form a human work atmosphere.
  • Softwerk employees are prepared to assume responsibility for themselves, their workplace and the company.
  • Softwerk employees are flexible and face changes positvely
  • Softwerk employees are targeted and make decisions
  • Softwerk employees act innovatively and are open to new ideas
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