If the mechanical system of a machine still works properly but the control doesn’t, we can modernise the automation technology step by step. We can effect the conversion within a few days if the preparation is done accordingly.

Depending on the provision of time and money we develop an ideal scenario for the conversion of the automated plant. We can e.g. stepwise convert to a new control system by using the old input and output cards and connecting them to a new CPU. This way of migration will be used if the function of the operating and control system does not change and the programme just has to be adapted. The customer can save up to 70% of engineering and start-up operation costs.

Maybe the operator wants to enlarge the functions of the plant, optimize technical processes and implement new safety standards in a second step. Also in this case he does not have to order a new

plant from the manufacturer. If the mechanical system still works properly it is enough to modernise the control unit and to reset the plant electrically.

In case of a conversion we take the time to give detailed advice about the chances of the refitting. A modernised plant offers the following advantages:

  •  Higher productivity due to optimized processes and handling
  • Consistent collection of operational data for the tracking of produced lots
  • Compliance of current safety standards, latest norms and regulations
  • Safe maintenance costs due to consolidated technology
  • No procurement risk and lower costs for the warehousing of spare parts
  • Higher availability of the whole plant
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