Our formation devices are the perfect maintenance tool.

Formation of frequency converters

Softwerk Formates your frequency converter, so that they even run smoothly after a long period of storage.

SoDo you store frequency converters for your plant? Because if you want to store them professionally, you have to consider the following:

Frequency converters contain a so-called intermediate circuit with electrolytic capacitors. Due to electrochemical processes, those capacitors can be weakened during long storage periods. Therefore, there is a high risk of electrical short or of the complete destruction of the component, as soon as it is connected to the nominal voltage.

However, this risk can be avoided by a so-called formation of the component. A formation device allows for a sparing and safe regeneration of the capacitors.

Many manufacturers recommend an annual formation of stored frequency converters.

Just send us your components, our experts will formate them for your!


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