Digitization and smart production

Acquisition, analysis and improvement of process data

The digital revolution with Big Data and smart technologies is progressing inexorably. In order to be able to survive in the face of tough competition in the future, many companies are faced with the challenge of increasing their effectiveness and productivity, proving the quality of their products internally and to customers and reducing production costs.

Industry 4.0 stands for the digital networking of all levels of production and management on the way to the "smart factory". To this end, the processes must be designed to be transparent and mappable in order to be able to locate and avoid sources of error and disruption more quickly. In order to be able to improve production as a whole, it is necessary in a first step to record, analyse and document the process data holistically, so that it can then be improved step by step.

Softwerk can help you to implement these steps with its years of experience in automation and with professional tools for data acquisition and analysis tailored to your needs. With customized products, we work with you to develop solutions that will also make your company fit for the digital future. In doing so, your data from production can be retrieved with the appropriate hardware and displayed in real time. Additional data from databases or operator panels can also be easily and conveniently integrated. Using appropriate software tools, we prepare the data - tailored to your needs, whether time- or length-based - and also create automated reports for internal use or as proof of quality to your customers.


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