Collaborative Robots

The introduction of collaborative robots, so-called "Cobots", brings with it enormous possibilities for making the production process more efficient. The goal is to improve and intensify the cooperation between humans and robots.

This means in particular that humans and robots can work together and do not have to be separated by protective devices such as fences. Collaborative robots are therefore indispensable in modern production.

Collaborative robots from Universal Robots support humans primarily in monotonous and monotonous, but also heavy, dangerous and health-endangering work with capabilities that can be better fulfilled by robots. This is the case when it comes to special precision, power, work that is dangerous and hazardous to human health and speed.

collaborative robots - it is no longer possible to imagine production without them collaborative robots - it is no longer possible to imagine production without them
Cobots from UR and their numerous advantages Cobots from UR and their numerous advantages

Why Cobots from Universal Robots?

Safety first

Collaborative robots from Universal Robots are safe enough not to hurt humans. Appropriate sensors ensure this. The robots are tested and have safety certificates (EN ISO 13849-1, PLd Category 3, and EN ISO 10218-1).

Simple operation, self-programmable

Collaborative robots can increasingly understand human speech and gestures and thus react accordingly. And they are capable of learning and can be taught by the user himself. Universal Robots' intuitive touch panel makes the operation and programming of the robot child's play. The Universal Robots seminars also offer support.

Flexibly applicable

Collaborative robots from Universal Robots are flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications. Several programs can be stored on the robot and they can also be equipped with a variety of accessories such as suction cups, grippers, camera systems, etc. This makes you a multi-talent in your production.

Automation at affordable prices

Due to the good price-performance ratio and the flexible integration of UR's cobots, the automation of certain production processes is also interesting for SMEs and a fast amortisation of the costs is possible. Have a look at the list prices of the robots in our shop.

The UR product family

In order to have the right robot for every user, collaborative robots differ from Universal Robots with regard to their payload. Cobots are available in 3kg, 5kg, 10kg and 16kg versions.

All Cobots are equipped with six joints, which enable a very high degree of mobility. All current models can be found here in our shop.

The UR family The UR family
Made for many applications Made for many applications

Made for many applications

There are no limits to the areas of application when using UR Cobots. Collaborative robots can complement an existing automated production process, but are equally suitable for the automation of tasks of SMEs.

Application examples can be found in all areas, among others: Pick-and-place, injection moulding, CNC, palletising and packaging, quality inspection, assembly, polishing, machine loading, screwing, laboratory analysis, gluing, dosing, welding, etc.

With Universal Robots' Application Builder you can easily build your complete Universal Robots application online with just a few clicks.

Free robot demo

Softwerk is distributor for Universal Robots collaborative robots. Please feel free to arrange a robot demo without obligation and free of charge for you. Our experts will visit your company and introduce you to the Universal Robots Cobots live. We will also be happy to advise you on potential areas of application. Please contact us here.

Free robot demo - request now Free robot demo - request now

Case Stories

Well-known Austrian companies are already among the satisfied customers of Universal Robots.

MELECS EWS GmbH was able to increase productivity in the area of board packaging by 25% by introducing an UR5.


Click here for the complete case story of Melecs.


The JENNY | WALTLE GmbH was able to increase the output considerably through intelligent machine placement.


Click here for the full case story of JENNY | WALTLE.


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