New automation of Fixkraft organic mixing-plant

Fixkraft-Futtermittel GmbH

The Austrian ProLeiT system partner Softwerk Professional Automation GmbH, based in Wels has put the first organic mixing-plant of Fixkraft with Plant iT V9 into operation by the end of 2014. Fixkraft is one of the biggest producers of animal food in Austria. Due to changing obligations for “organic project operators“ it was necessary to produce the organic animal food in an own production line. As a result of this new automation with Plant Batch iT V9 an improved, integrated system was created. The customer is able to administer every process centrally - from the acceptance of the raw materials to the mixing of the ingredients for different recipies to the pressing and loading of the pellets. Besides the enlarged and wide reporting the new automation offers the possibility to start single processes manually, which is a significant additional value.

Siemens Solution Partner ProLeit Certified Sytem Partner UNIS Lenze